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A letter from our customer Amy:

Hello Ruiters,
I thought I would give you an update on how our Izabel has grown up. She is the prettiest little dog, with such a lovely disposition. She learned to read body language and "speak human" faster than any dog we've ever had. She is responsive, obedient, and very affectionate. She is very intelligent, and has learned to open doors and unlock gates, which is about the only "naughty" thing she ever does. 
She is the "birdiest" dog we've ever had. She even points flies and butterflies with tireless intensity. We've taken her out to "work" the fields, and she stays in close and points beautifully. She is the only pointer I've ever owned that is as nutty about retrieving as a labrador. And she loves water! Brian has taken her out with him to shoot sporting clays, and she is NOT gun shy at all. He has to lock her up because she wants to go retrieve the broken clays.
We can't wait for pheasant and quail season to open, I'm sure it will absolutely blow her mind when she figures out how all these pieces fit together. She's an absolute treasure. I have had French Brits for over 15 years, and she is the best we've ever had! A bold claim to make when she hasn't even "officially" hunted yet!
I paid extra for the extended UKC registration simply because I knew Jeff Ruiter was listed as the breeder for my Katibel back in 1998, and I just thought it would be neat to have a piece of paper that allowed us to trace back our dear Boomer and Katibel in Izabel's lineage. And there it is! They print these certificates on odd-sized large paper, I suppose so we can't copy it easily. I scanned it as best I could in two parts. I thought you might think it was neat to peruse it as well.
Just thought you guys might get a kick out of hearing about her and seeing this.


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School's out for summer!
We are happy to announce new litters coming soon at Trinity Kennels. For those anxiously awaiting a puppy, we have been working to update the kennel and expand to include more space, facilities, and accommodations for our dogs. We will have pups available this summer for those looking for your next hunting partner or family member.

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